240 Koni Dampers


We are offering a several different Koni Dampers, each are best when used in the correct application.

The Sports are designed to offer reasonable ride quality, rebuild able design, and feature a lifetime warranty. They are recommended when used with stock springs, sport springs, or a coilover setup when spring rates are kept to 300lb/in and below. The Sport dampers are built to the OEM Volvo specs so they have the standard travel range as compared to the factory dampers.

The Koni RACE series dampers are designed as a bolt in application for those running either in high performance driving events, road racing or autocross. The travel range on the RACE dampers is less as they are designed to be used with much stiffer spring rates then what OEM intended. The dampers themselves are shorter and have less travel overall. They are available in a Single and Double Adjustable Versions. The single has adjustable rebound dampening and the Double has adjustable compression and rebound dampening. For competition vehicles the double adjustables are recommended. For Applications where spring use will be between 300lb/ft - 650 lb/ft use the DA units.


The Items are sold in sets of 2 unless otherwise listed.   

Race dampers come with all required mounting hardware including, coil-over compatible progressive bumpstops, gland nuts, and hardware.



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