700/900 Adjustable Torque Rods



$275 + Shipping for 1 set of Torque Rods (Upper and Lower)

Key Benefits:

  • Hi Quality Adjustable 3 piece spherical PTFE lubricated rod ends (Aurora / FK type)
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Center Link
  • Tubular design is much stronger than factory I-beam torque rods
  • Provides fine-tune adjustment of drive shaft alignment
  • Reduces "axle windup" and excessive deflection from the rear suspension.


When Volvo designed the 700/900 Rear suspension they were focused on one thing in particular: driving smoothness and comfort.  They did this by using large diameter bushings with large voids, this leads to a very mushy feeling rear suspension.  One way to improve the feel and response of the rear suspension is to replace the stock torque rods with these adjustable units.   Since the torque rods connect to the subframe which is rubber isolated, there is still some NVH isolation for the rear axle to the main chassis.


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